Nov 16 – 24 Nov 2019 Banda Islands – Raja Ampat

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This trip is a combination of several regions, Central Raja Ampat, Misool , Ambon and the Banda Islands. Each region has something very special to offer and allows us to soak up some of the rich and incredible history in the area.

The trip is open to all levels of freediver from beginner to expert, all we ask is that you can swim and have a love for the ocean.  There will be opportunities for line diving, however, the freediving is mainly over beautiful reefs and what better way to explore them unrestricted by bottom times and surface intervals.

We will be complementing the freediving with other activities such as stand up paddle boarding , trekking, Yoga and meditation. This is truly a time to unplug, soak up the beauty of your surroundings and recharge your soul.

Starting in Ambon we will transfer you to the your home for the next 9 days the wonderful Mikumba 11 . Once settled in we’ll have a light lunch as we set sail for our first dive site.  Following an afternoon of diving close to Ambon we’ll make the overnight crossing to the historical Banda Islands.

The diving in and around Banda is superb and after our last trip there we found some great spots for freediving. Its a beautiful region, lush volcanic islands, steep drop offs and a quaint town that was once the centre of the spice trade. We’ll spend the night resting in the beautiful anchorage of Banda Niera and leave the following afternoon to head North towards Ceram and then onwards to Misool – Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat  is the ultimate tropical paradise , think  1500 jungle-covered islands and pristine white sandy beaches set within crystal clear turquoise waters.

Known as “THE FOUR KINGS” , Raja Ampat is renowned as one of the world’s ultimate diving experiences due to the bio-diversity of marine life and huge unspoilt coral reef system. Raja encompasses over 200 dive sites suitable for beginners to experts and is a must for underwater photographers.

Not only is it a diver’s dream but also a fantastic area for snorkelers , virtually everything you can see diving can also be found at snorkeling depth.

The Misool region of Raja Ampat is quite simply breathtaking and the marine biodiversity here is second to none. We have handpicked a selection of sites that are awesome for freediving, however, there is still so much more to find and we’d like you to join us on this exploration.

After spending several days in Misool we’ll make an overnight crossing to Central Raja and spend the last couple of days diving the incredible sites of the Dampier Strait.

Our trip will end in Waisei where we will say goodbye to Raja Ampat and take the fast boat over to Sorong. All in all its an incredible adventure and unforgettable experience, it really is the trip of a lifetime.

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